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We may not suffer from the roasting summer heat that many southwestern states experience, but when temperatures rise into the high 90s and the humidity is through the roof, our homes do need to have air conditioners that are ready to go to work. And keep working. It takes the work of experienced and licensed HVAC technicians to see that a home has the right AC in the best repair.

Clean, fresh air is as important indoors as it is outside, but achieving that goal doesn't need to be complicated. Air conditioning cools a room and reduces humidity. Air filtration reduces allergens and pollution. Whether through air conditioning, air exchangers, or HEPA filters, we can help make your home a safe, comfortable haven.

The efficiency rate of the HVAC air conditioning unit is rated by a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), which most often ranges from 13 to 23—the highest values pointing to the most efficient air conditioning equipment, in terms of energy savings on a yearly basis. In the past two decades, with the implementation of the latest discoveries in the field of thermodynamics, the SEER ratings have witnessed a continuous upward improvement. In order to check for the SEER rating of your air conditioning device, you need to look for a yellow or black label attached to the conditioner's air compressor. If you are looking for a premium category air conditioner, then you should check if the air conditioner comes with an "Energy-Star" label.

Whether you need to cool a single room or floor, or your entire home, we can help you select the ideal air conditioning system for your family's needs. We can add central air conditioning to your existing hot-air furnace, or we can install a cooling coil and air handler with properly-sized ductwork in your attic or basement. And if your home has limited available space for ductwork, ductless, mini-split air conditioning and heat pump systems may be the perfect solution.

Keep cool and comfortable throughout the year with one of our A/C units!


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